We Can't Stop Watching Gaga in Her Grunge Glory in This 'Perfect Illusion' Video

Lady Gaga
Tracy E. Gilchrist

A woman capable of wearing many hats, and often does, Lady Gaga's gone full grunge rock with "Perfect Illusion," the first single off of her upcoming album Joanne. Now the video is out, getting a nice plug during Scream Queens' season premiere on Tuesday, and this stripped down, raw, grungy Gaga is another of her incarnations that we can't get enough of. Clad in a fitted tee and teeny-tiny cut-offs, Gaga growls, writhes, rants, and crowd surfs with unbridled passion. The whole look and sound transport us to the Seattle rock scene circa '90, and we're pretty sure that's just what Gaga's going for. 

We could really watch her twirl this mic all day. 

And we're mesmerized by this thing she does with her hands. 

We can't look away from her wild gaze. 

And the headbanging! 

Watch Gaga rock out here. 

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