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'Ringer' Gets its Girl on Girl On - SPOILERS

'Ringer' Gets its Girl on Girl On - SPOILERS
Tracy E. Gilchrist

Ringer got its girl on girl on for the season’s penultimate episode Tuesday.


The Hitchcockian thriller with its doppelgangers and blond lead in Sarah Michelle Gellar (SMG) featured the always-welcome Jamie Murray in a lesbian storyline this week.

Murray plays Olivia, the shady hedge fund manager of SMG’s Siobhan’s husband Andrew, and boy is Olivia pure evil, a character trait that’s not new to Murray, who’s played conniving before on Dexter.

Thanks to AfterEllen’s The Linster for the heads up on the storyline that involved a flashback of Olivia enticing Andrew’s first wife Catherine (Andrea Roth) into bed.

Catherine arrives at Olivia’s place after she’s been booted from Andrew’s, where she’s been hunkering down. The ladies engage in wine sipping and man bashing for a bit before Olivia makes her move. They kiss despite Catherine’s initial protestations that she’s without the slightest predilection for girls, and eventually they land in bed.

Here’s the seduction scene! Kudos to any scene that uses the phrase, "Cheeky." 

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