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Out Designer Leslie Ezelle Wins 'Design Star All Stars'

Out Designer Leslie Ezelle Wins 'Design Star All Stars'

It appears that its just a fantastic season for lesbians on reality competition shows! First Kara Laricks won NBC's Fashion Star and now out designer Leslie Ezelle has won Design Star All Stars. 

HGTV’s hit interior design reality competition series returned earlier this summer, but this time with six familiar faces for the first-ever Design Star All Stars. Former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, mother and breast cancer survivor Leslie Ezelle joined a handful of contestants from the first seven seasons of Design Star to compete for $25,000 and a special appearance on an HGTV show.

The finale of the special four-episode season revealed that Leslie Ezelle won the title of the first Design Star All Stars Champion.

Leslie’s design style preference is “simple, traditional elegance,” with an easy and inexpensive less-is-more philosophy. She has a knack for helping clients “tame their domain,” as she believes the happiest and healthiest living environments are organized homes.

Leslie, fellow Dallas designer Hilari Younger and Tom Vecchione (the only male designer still in the competition), were the three finalists to face the last challenge of creating a functional living space using the inside and outside areas of a converted 20-foot by 8-foot shipping container.

The designers had to “come up with smart space-saving solutions, while still creating a beautiful and distinctive space that includes sleeping, dining and sitting areas.”

Leslie designed a simple, but functional seating area outside her container to welcome visitors.

The judges were very impressed with the inside of Leslie’s container. Leslie had transformed the space into a stylish and family-friendly living space that was fully functional.

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She used every inch of the space wisely, wowing the judges most with her Murphy bed that, when stored, turned into a chalkboard for the kids to use.

In addition to the final design project, the judges looked back through the All Star challenges to evaluate each finalist’s progress both as designers and on-camera personalities. Leslie delivered solid on-camera performances throughout the season, and the judges could tell she had been practicing. Having conquered the camera challenges, and delivered one of her best showings yet, Leslie was named the first Design Star All Stars champ.

"All the blood, sweat and tears that I've put into this's worth it to have my dream come true," Leslie says. "This experience has been life changing."

Congrats to Leslie! Definitely a much-deserved win! 

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