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Out Artist Jana Fisher Just Wants '$30K'

Out Artist Jana Fisher Just Wants '$30K'
Sunnivie Brydum

Lesbian singer-songwriter Jana Fisher's new EP Ideals & Deals drops October 2, and you don't want to miss the sweet, angelic voice of this self-described "lyrical folky piano pop" artist. The first single from the album, "30K" tells the story of a midwestern girl arriving in the big city, eager to prove her doubters wrong by raking in a whopping $30,000 a year.

Despite the earnest vocals, Fisher told SheWired the song is satirical. "I overheard a conversation on the train one night where two girls were sharing their struggles and one said, 'I just wanna have 30k. I could live off that,'" said Fisher, herself a New York City transplant from rural Ohio. "Have you ever tried to live off 30k in New York City? You don't live well. It got me thinking about my own frustration trying to 'make it' here fresh out of college, not knowing what I wanted except that I wanted a different life… So in '30k' I created this character of a naive country girl who is transformed by city life into someone she'd never thought she'd be, all for a measley 30k salary and the ability to brag to her small town friends that she was 'making it' in NYC."

Fisher's musical career began as a child performing at church in rural Ohio. When her family relocated to Florida, Fisher manifested her anguish on the piano keys, eventually producing her first album, A History of Sleepwalking.

Ideals & Deals is Fisher's first EP since moving to New York and coming out as a lesbian, and relies heavily on Fisher's smooth, sweet vocals, accompanied by piano, guitar, and light percussion. Her song "If I Ever Break Your Heart," is a haunting, heartfelt wish for a flawless relationship with a new lady love. The entire EP is available for streaming here, and will be available for purchase on Oct. 2. 


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