Listen: Radio Host Stephanie Miller Says 'I'm a Bad Gay' for Defending Salvation Army

Listen: Radio Host Stephanie Miller Says 'I'm a Bad Gay' for Defending Salvation Army
Tracy E. Gilchrist

Liberal talk show host and out gay lady Stephanie Miller got taken to task earlier this week for a recent interview she conducted on Current TV with the Salvation Army’s Major George Hood when she allowed him to gloss over the group’s hateful antigay policies. Now, Miller has taken to the airwaves saying that she “screwed up,” she didn’t do her research.

In Miller’s interview with Hood entitled “The Truth About the Salvation Army’s Stance on LGBT Issues” Miller asked the Major to address allegations that the Salvation Army is antigay and he took the opportunity for spin, ignoring a laundry list of hateful policies, firings and stances, according to The Huffington Post. Hood argued that the organization is widely misunderstood and vilified and Miller wound up agreeing with him that it’s gotten a bum rap. Following the show sites like AmericaBlog compiled a laundry list of aberrant policies and practices for which the Salvation Army is guilty of implementing.

Following the kerfuffle Miller took time to apologize. “I didn’t realize the long history of antigay stuff,” she said. “I didn’t do my research.”

Famous for her radio show The Stephanie Miller Show, which blends humor and lefty politics, Miller joked, “I’m a bad gay,” to which one of her sidekicks ribbed that they’re going to send her to Marcus Bachmann for rehabilitation.

Here’s Miller in her own words. 


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