Watch: Tegan and Sara Teach Andy Samberg How to be a 'Heartthrob'

Watch: Tegan and Sara Teach Andy Samberg How to be a 'Heartthrob'
Sunnivie Brydum

Out twin sisters and singer-songwriters Tegan and Sara are set to release their latest, most radio-friendly album, Heartthrob, tomorrow. (But you can get a sneak preview of the entire album before it hits stores by clicking here.)

In anticipation of the release, the artists sat down with comedian Andy Samberg to talk about what the twins consider a heartthrob — someone confident, kind, generous, fierce… and we can't blame Samberg for bending over backwards to be what the ladies say they're looking for, including Madonna and Cyndi Lauper. Of course, Samberg has a few extra appendages that most likely don't interest the twins. 

But that means there's still hope for the rest of us ladies, right? Pretty please, Tegan and Sara? We promise not to treat you like you're oh-so typical.  

Watch the video below.

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