WATCH: Help Lesbian Short 'Camp Belvidere' Make it to Completion

WATCH: Help Lesbian Short 'Camp Belvidere' Make it to Completion
Sunnivie Brydum

Out New York filmmaker Astrid Ovalles is spending the last chunk of her summer working to finish Camp Belvidere, a high-quality short film that explores the relationship between lesbian camp leader Rose and camp nurse Gin, set in the rustic-and-yet-sultry woods of the 1950s. 

The story features a beautiful script — not to mention both stunning leads — and dissects the mutual attraction, emotional growth, and role reversal between Gin and Rose. Ovalles and her team have nearly completed the film, but they're seeking help to push the project past the finish line. That's why Ovalles launched a Kickstarter campaign, which has until September 24 to raise the $16,250 needed to finish the film and get it onto the festival circuit. 

Get captivated by the trailer below, then click over to the Kickstarter page to support our out filmmakers and make sure this beautiful love story gets seen. 

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