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SheWired's Afternoon Web Crawl for Oct. 25

SheWired's Afternoon Web Crawl for Oct. 25

Here's a smattering of pop culture from around the web! Today's tidbits include: Sara Rue on Rules of Engagement, Jane Lynch, the end of production for the Sony Walkman, Natalie Portman in Black Swan and her family possible drama, Olivia Wilde in a personalized video just for you, and Glee doing Rocky Horror!

With so much information coming at us on the Internet it's tough to keep up with all of the mostly meaningless but guilty pleasure type of info out there – and some of it is meaningful. Either way, here's a smattering of pop culture from around the web!

Network television has added another lesbian character to its roster of three or four -- okay it’s a slightly higher number than that – who are already out there. And AfterEllen has shots of the adorable ginge Sara Rue on Rules of Engagement as a flannel shirt-clad lesbian softball player drinking a beer – and she looks cute. I admittedly know absolutely nothing about this show, but I’ll peripherally tune in to check on the cutie Ms. Rue.

Can’t get enough of Jane Lynch? Well, here’s More! – the magazine that is. The ubiquitous Glee star appears on the cover of More brandishing a golden megaphone, while on the inside she’s surrounded by beefcake boys in golden chonies and pom poms. The shoot is reminiscent of Jane Russell’s gym scene in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, in which the boys in the gym have absolutely no interest in Russell, only this time, Lynch could care about the beefcake! Go Sue Sylvester.

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RIP Walkman! Sony has retired the cassette Walkman, the gadget that successfully made it possible to take public transportation and tune out the annoying guy on the bus who won’t shut the hell up. I think I’ll dig out my old Walkman from my mother’s basement, pop in a worn Joy Division cassette and mourn in private while traveling on some form of public transportation.

Here’s a story from the Advocate, via the Toronto Sun, via a British Tab, so I’m certain there’s a fair amount of the game ‘Telephone’ going on here, but it appears Natlie Portman and her conservative father are estranged over her lesbian sex scenes in the ballerina horror show – and by horror I mean it looks like a beautiful mess -- Black Swan. I have two things to say about this. 1) There are lesbian sex scenes??? I thought it was just innuendo, flirting and a tease of a kiss, so YAY! And 2) He cares about a lesbian sex scene but not that his daughter starred in the uber-violent The Professional when she was a wee tween?

Olivia Wilde, and Facebook have teamed up for the ultimate pre-Halloween Horror flick! That is, Olivia stars in an interactive, customized view of the future of what will happen if YOU don’t vote in the upcoming election. And while I enjoy being berated by the fetching star of House – sporting a Terminator-esque tank top -- it is a pretty grim vision of the future she paints, starring one President Palin! See your personalized video!

Once upon a time in the 80’s – late 80’s mind you -- when there was no L Word on television, no out celebrities like Ellen and a dearth of lesbian club nights and Pride celebrations, burgeoning dykes like me went to see Rocky Horror on the weekends for a fill of queer culture and to pick up girls. So, I am really happy Glee is introducing a new generation to Rocky. Here’s the gang doing the ‘Time Warp,’ which looks like a hoot, but Dianna Agron, as Magenta, needs to wrap her mouth around “with voyeuristic intention’ a little more clearly.

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