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Where the Girls are on TV: Jessica Capshaw, Megan Mullally, Portia de Rossi

Where the Girls are on TV: Jessica Capshaw, Megan Mullally, Portia de Rossi

Grey's Anatomy just might redeem itself with lesbian viewers since hottie Jessica Capshaw planted a kiss on Sara Ramirez. Katy Perry talks about -- what else?-- kissing girls, with Katie Couric, Guiding Light gets gayish, Portia de Rossi is Better off Ted and Cheryl Hines and Megan Mullally are In the Motherhood.

Now that's what I'm talking about! It seems Dr.Torres (Sara Ramirez) won't have to wait too long after all before she can shimmy back into her Sapphic scrubs.  New Pediactric doc Arizona Robbins (Jessica Capshaw) ambushed a weepy Dr. T in the loo on last week's episode of Grey's Anatomy. Apparently, Doc. Robbins heard through the grapevine that Dr. Torres was into girls and might soon be in the market for a new lezzie lover.

There's more girly gossip taking place at Seattle Grace Hospital than at a seventh grade sleepover, and right about now Dr. Torres is probably thanking her lucky stars that she works with what has to be the biggest bunch of Chatty Cathys. Rest assured Dr. T there's a girl out there for you. At least that's what Dr. Robbins promised in a most circuitous manner before laying one on Torres's full, silky lips. As of now, all appears copacetic for another attempted lesbian storyline on the medical drama. I hate to get my hopes up though, as they were so swiftly dashed when Grey's mysteriously put the kibosh on the gay storyline between Torres and Dr. Hahn (Brooke Smith). It didn't help matters either that Smith was given the boot for reasons still not known.

So we'll see. If last week was any indication of the direction writers are taking Torres, it might not be too long before we see her cozying up to Doc. Robbins on those chilly Seattle winter nights. Although Capshaw was utterly divine as a sycophant grad student infatuated with Dean Porter (Jennifer Beals) on the L Word, I find her so much more interesting in her Grey's role. Mom Kate Capshaw should be proud.

Newsie Katie Couric didn't have to prod too hard to get singer Katy Perry to open up about her bisexual experiences during an interview on Couric's Grammy Special. The adorable Couric was all smiles as Perry described waking up one morning with the tune in her head that would one day climb to the number one slot on the Billboard charts. Seems Perry's "I Kissed A Girl" is art imitating life. Giving her interview in a church, against a backdrop of candles and pews, Perry explained her love for Jesus and her penchant for kissing girls. Holy mother! Just how much does the salacious Perry enjoy kissing girls? When asked, the pop star smiled coyly and emphatically affirmed that she had quite a few girl-on-girl experiences under her Bible belt.

Perry had no qualms about professing her love for her faith. So how did the former child singer who once recorded a Christian album make the transition into a pop star crooning about tonguing girls? Mom and Dad are, for the most part, surprisingly supportive. Although extraordinarily devout Christians, Perry's mom had at one time dated Jimi Hendrix and her dad palled around with LSD guru Timothy Leary. I didn't know too much about Perry before, but I'll be visiting iTunes in the not so distant future. The second coming of Christ may very well take place before I get the chance to kiss another girl, but at least my iPhone will be chock full of decent music, and I do so love to dance. Amen and alleluia to that.

I had a two-year crush on Crystal Chappell way back when she played Carly Manning on Days Our Lives. Admittedly, I was a soap opera junkie not too long ago but have prided myself on the fact that I have been able to wean myself off these addictive daytime dramas. My daughter is now three-months-old and I'm still on maternity leave. What's a new mom to do during these long, frosty winter months when it's too cold to go outside with a newborn--well, wash and fold copious amounts of laundry while watching trashy daytime T.V of course.

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Flipping through the channels one afternoon I felt a rush of adrenaline as I saw Chapell's smokin' face blazed across the tele-screen. Needless to say, I'm now dreading having to go back to work because of its interference with The Guiding Light, where Chappell is living out my ultimate fantasy playing Olivia Spencer, an ostensible lesbian. Spencer's relationship with roommate and pal Natalia Rivera, played by the gorgeous Jessica Leccia, seems to be causing quite a bit of confusion in Springfield, especially for Spencer's young daughter, Emma, whose school report entitled "My Two Mommies" has all the other mommies gossiping like a bunch of hens.

Spencer and Rivera's first kiss during a heated conversation about the ramifications of being perceived as lesbians was just hot enough to start thawing out some of this thick New England ice. Right now the women seem to be grappling with some internalized homophobia, but Spencer seems to have less of a problem with the idea of being gay than her roomie. It's not clear in what direction The Guiding Light will take with the storyline, but what is important is the dialogue about lesbian relationships. Personally, I'm keeping my fingers crossed; I'd love nothing more than to see Chappell have her way with Leccia in the boudoir.  I might have to take another three months off from work to see what happens. I'm really impressed with the CBS network for their openness when it comes to gay-themed issues. (Remember the kiss between Wanda Sykes and Julia Louis-Dreyfus on The New Adventures of Old Christine?)

Let's talk gay T.V gals.  Pretty soon Ellen's gorgeous ball and chain, Portia de Rossi, will be starring in the new ABC office comedy Better off Ted, about a questionable, if not shifty, company whose technological inventions teeter on the verge of immorality and the absurd. Not sure how this one will pan out but the idea of seeing de Rossi in her power suit leading a team of bizzaro scientists sounds both humorous and strangely erotic. I might consider offering myself up as a lab rat if it meant a little poking and prodding after hours with de Rossi.

Once a self-proclaimed bisexual, Megan Mullally gears up to star alongside Cheryl Hines in what could be the ABC hit of the year, In the Motherhood, a portrayal of motherhood and family life inspired by real life experiences from viewers. The pairing of Mullally and Hines of Curb Your Enthusiasm fame could ostensibly result in the funniest, most original show of the year.

Having an infant is beyond chaotic and being a new mom is daunting against a backdrop of screaming and a never-ending list of things to do. Since Georgia's birth, at one time or another, I've either left the house with mismatched shoes or some article of clothing inside out. I've locked myself out of my car twice, forgotten diapers and wipes on a day when my kid has an explosive poop in Whole Foods. It's only a matter of time before the urination police haul me off in shackles for peeing myself in public. Now that's what I call quality T.V. 

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