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Armie Hammer Loves Jamie Dornan's 'Daddy Drag' Look

Armie Hammer Loves Jamie Dornan's 'Daddy Drag' Look

Armie Hammer Loves Jamie Dornan's 'Daddy Drag' Look

Jamie's fabulous, at-home drag look caught the attention of the Call Me by Your Name actor.


Many of us have already stayed at home for days on end in an effort to be safe and healthy during this ongoing global pandemic, and although the conditions are not ideal, one of the best things about this weeks-long quarantine is that it has given many of us time to explore our artistic sides and try to create something new. In that creative spirit, Irish actor and Fifty Shades franchise star Jamie Dornan took a break from singing "Imagine" to be an awesome dad and let his daughters dress him up in drag—complete with a red midi dress, a blue wig, and yellow heels. The results, which he shared on his Instagram account, were the unique mix of funny and cute that only a dad could somehow pull off.

And it looks like tons of people were fans of Jamie's "Daddy Drag" look, including fellow actor Armie Hammer, who threw some friendly shade to Jamie about his shoes in the comments section.


"'Dressing up with my daughters' = I have heels in my size and was looking for an excuse to feel like a fierce bitch," the Call Me by Your Name star said, clocking how perfectly Jamie shoes fit him.

Armie said: 

Dornan was a good sport about the whole thing, though, and responded to Armie's shade accordingly:


"Millie has big feet!" he said, saying the shoes belong to his wife Amelia "Millie" Warner. 

There's no shame in your heel game, Jamie! Werk those pumps proudly! 

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