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Anti-Vax Barbie Parody Brilliantly Slams Science Deniers

"And the fun is contagious!"

Aussie Gays Are Clubbing to Lady Gaga & Now We Have Major FOMO

Meanwhile, the rest of us are jealous AF...

This Hilarious Skit Perfectly Drags Anti-Vaxxers, Puerto Vallarta Gays

Michael Henry's latest comedy sketch perfectly sums up the hypocrisy of some people who refuse to trust science.

This COVID-19 Vaccination Appointment Turned Into a Sweet Gay Proposal

"It’s been kind of a crazy year, and you know it’s been a fun ride to have you in my life."

This 'Be Our Guest' Remix Is Perfect For the Anti-Maskers In Your Life

"Stop the lies, stop the fights. No one's taking away your rights."

Let's Get Some...Masks? Kelly Is Back With a New Viral PSA

Out with the shoes, in with the masks. 

Kevin McHale's Sausage Accidentally Made His Boyfriend Sick

Cook your meats thoroughly, people!! 

14 Face Masks That Add a Little Queerness to Your Personal Style

Want some personal protective equipment with some queer, colorful flair? We've got you (and your face) covered!

These Face Mask Protesters Sound Even Crazier in This Guy's Lipsync

Crawford M. Horton perfectly nailed one face mask protestor's insane AF speech...

A Straight Man Thinks the Pandemic Might Have Turned Him Gay

"I don’t want to be gay. I always imagined myself with a woman and having kids. What’s wrong with me?"

How Are Gay vs. Lesbian Couples Handling the Lockdown Differently?

Michael Henry's newest comedy skit explores the differences between gays and lesbians during quarantine.

Jaboukie's Hilarious Sketch Proves the FDA Gay Blood Ban Is Ridiculous

"At the end of the day, we need science and not stigma to make decisions about donor eligibility."

Kim Petras Channels Paris Hilton for Acoustic 'Stars Are Blind' Cover

"This was so beautiful it made me cry," said Paris Hilton.

Wait, Did Ansel Elgort Strip on OnlyFans for Charity?!

Not really, but the West Side Story star is still baring it all for a good cause to help frontline workers!

Watching Colton Haynes Give Himself a Haircut Is Kinda Relaxing

We're stuck at home bored and we've literally watched almost everything on Netflix, okay?!?!

Let's Relive Ariana Grande's 'I Won't Say I'm in Love' Performance

The reigning princess of pop performed the Hercules classic during The Disney Family Singalong—and it was everything.

Sam Smith Says They Had Coronavirus: 'I Got Over It, Luckily'

"I didn't get tested but I know I have it, 100% have it."