Coming out is probably the single hardest thing LGBT youths have to go through. PRIDE can help make the process easier, with tips and stories that will inspire you to live the open, proud life you've always wanted.

Out and proud, but is he aware of the damage he's caused over the years?

January 22 2019 10:58 AM

The adult film star who was alleged to have been paid hush money for an affair with Donald Trump has confirmed her sexual identity.

January 17 2019 3:31 PM

This hilarious sketch from Enemies of Dorothy shows what would happen if the iconic anime villain was queer.

January 16 2019 1:40 PM

"I feel like a goddess. I feel like I’m my own gender."

January 14 2019 1:32 PM

A high schooler's coming out video has gone viral for all the right reasons.

January 10 2019 2:54 PM

"I was put into the shadows, because the way that my community was," said the actor during a Good Trouble panel. 

January 08 2019 2:51 PM

Soldier: 76 talks about his ex-boyfriend in a new story.

January 08 2019 9:52 AM