Jackie Chan Had a Few Words for His Daughter Coming Out as Gay

Taylor Henderson

Jackie Chan's 18-year-old daughter, Etta Ng, came out as a lesbian earlier this month in an Instagram post.


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"I encountered many events that could have broken me, but in actuality, you strengthened me," she wrote about her girlfriend, 30-year-old social media influencer Andi Autumn.

According to PinkNews, the road to loving a woman openly wasn't easy for Ng, and she has had a rocky relationship with her mother and has been admitted to the hospital on multiple occasions for attempted suicides.

Ng, who says Chan has "never been in my life" doesn't really speak of her estranged father. But during the promotion of his upcoming film The Foreigner, Chan was asked about his daughter's coming out.

"If she likes it, that’s fine," replied the Chinese movie star. 

Same-sex relationships were decriminalized in 1991 in China, but same-sex marriage is still unrecognized and LGBT media and people still face discrimination by citizens and the government. However, Chinese media outlets were supportive of Ng's coming out, reportedly saying "Happiness is all that matters!" and "Support the ability and freedom to love."

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