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YouTuber Jaiden Animations Comes Out as Aroace, Here’s What That Means

YouTuber Jaiden Animations Comes Out As Aroace, Here's What That Means

YouTuber Jaiden Animations Comes Out As Aroace, Here's What That Means

She broke down her Aromantic Asexual identity for her 10.9 million followers on YouTube.


A coming-out video from a massively popular content creator is the #1 trending video on YouTube.

Jaiden Animations, a gaming YouTube channel, opens up to her 10.9 million subscribers about her sexuality. Titled, "Being Not Straight", Jaiden begins the video with, "This is probably the most open I'll ever get about my personal life."

She shares with her followers that she identifies as Aroace, which stands for Aromantic Asexual. "I know what you're thinking. That's not gay, what the hell is that?"

Aromantic, as she points out, describes, "a person who feels very little to no romantic attraction to anyone at all."

Jaiden goes on to share the friendships that she mistook for romantic attraction over the years and what made her realize that she was Aromantic: a generic romance song that she heard on the radio. "I just suddenly thought to myself, 'wait do people actually feel these things towards each other. Like all these mushy lyrics are real emotions? They're not joking?' That's when I started feeling like something was different."

She then defines asexuality as "someone who feels little to no... intimate attraction to anyone," and points out that she has  "never been magnetically attracted to the look or shape of a single person in my entire life and did not realize it was a real thing until very recently."

These understandings and labels are new for Jaiden, but she says, "it helped me feel much more confident and sure of myself."

Though she's uncomfortable sharing too many details about her personal life with strangers on the internet, Jaiden "thought if I could help more people become more aware of this, then that would be awesome. I was confused as hell for a while and could've used something like this." 

Welcome to the family Jaiden! Watch her adorable yet informative coming out video below:

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