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12 Reasons Why We Love Butch Women

12 Reasons Why We Love Butch Women

12 Reasons Why We Love Butch Women

From being outstanding friends to the way they wear their jeans, here's what floats our boats about proud butches.

Some girls like to rock that crew cut, those baggy jeans and those big boots. And they rock it well. They're out, loud, and proud and nothing anyone yells at them in the street will stop them. It's in their swagger, their confident stare. They don't look anything like those chicks on magazine covers. Here's why we love butch women! 


1. They're unapologetically themselves. 

Butch women know who they are and what they want, and they don't apologize for it, even if it's not the most popular thing to say or do (just look at Big Boo's backstory on this season of Orange Is the New Black). They are sorry, not sorry for being absolutely 100 percent themselves. 


2. They challenge assumptions.

All little girls like pink and dresses. Right? Right? No, wrong. Butch women don't care about trad female fashion. Since they were scrambling in the mud as little tomboys they've been confidently forging a different path. And if they weren't, they were definitely thinking about doing it when they grew up. 



3. They're damned handsome.

From the top of their gelled hair to the bottom of their boots, they exude sexiness. They're hardcore and they know who they want to be, even if society isn't quite ready for them yet. That old joke about butches kickstarting their own vibrators and rolling their own tampons? YES. THAT. 


4. They're NOT trying to be men.

Come on. These women know their own minds. If they wanted to be anything other than what they already were, they'd go right ahead and do it. Butch charm is based on... well, butch charm. 



5. They'll never steal your make-up.


Many of us have dated that girl who totally blitzed our eyeliner collection and left with all our dresses. The one who emptied our favorite perfume and used massive chunks of our foundation. The one who... OK, I'll stop now. Butch women don't need any of that, and we wouldn't have it any other way. 


6. You'll never steal their jogging pants.

Unless your both butch, and then, good for you! 



7. Old Spice smells GOOD. 

Male deodorant applied liberally to a warm (and preferably amorous) woman is an unparalleled joy. The blend of sharp citrus and female pheromones... OK. We'll stop now. 


8. Fashion. 

Way to rock a suit! 



9. Jeans. 

Okay, so Ellen is a soft butch, and the jeans are subtle in this photo, but you totally see our point, right? HOT! 


10. Car door handles are stiff sometimes and we femmes don't want to break our nails. 

Just kidding, but not really. Butch women apply that charm to being helpful and kind as well, and sometimes, that's really nice and it's exactly what a girl needs. 



11. Friendship. 

A lot of butch women have had to learn to make their way in a world that seeks to otherize them, that means they've had to learn confidence and how to take care of themselves. The really great thing about confident women is that they know themselves enough in order to make really amazing friends. Like call-in-the-middle-of-the-night/drive me home when I'm drunk/help me get through a break-up when I have to move out last-minute kind of friends. A good butch will always have your back, and of course, she's such an amazing friend, you will want to have hers. 


12. They know what they want when it comes to sex! 

Did we mention confidence? And that whole thing about butch women knowing what they want? Well, that applies to in the bedroom as well, and that is always a good thing! 


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