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We Need to Stand Behind Munroe Bergdorf, the Model That L'Oréal Fired for Pointing out Systemic Racism (via The Guardian)


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L’Oréal is a problematic company for many reasons. They recently fired their first and only trans model, Munroe Bergdorf, for speaking out against white supremacy because they claim that they’re not a partisan organization. In addition, they test their products on animals, even though their website claims that they don’t.

They’re just trash, through and through. It’s funny for a company like L’Oréal to be so offended by Bergdorf’s words when it was literally proven in a lawsuit back in 2007 that they had discriminatory hiring practices in their hair products division. (To be specific, they only hired white women.) Don’t buy into L’Oréal anymore, please. For the racism, for the bigotry, for the animals. Like Maya Angelou said, "When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time."

Doctor Who Writer Attacks Trans People in Recent Tweet (via PinkNews)


This is absolutely gross and ridiculous. This is cis, white, male entitlement at its finest. There was literally zero reason for him to tweet this but he just had to take up space with his nasty, ignorant words.

It’s worth noting that this writer is not a staff writer with BBC. However, it’s critical that the channel and show distance themselves from this writer to show that they won’t stand for this kind of hate and bigotry.

Five Things Transgender Kids Want Adults to Know (via Psychology Today)

Children shouldn’t have to explain their identities to adults, but we live in a world where adults think the world should exist only in ways that are comfortable to their minds. Most of the people talking about the rights transgender people should or shouldn’t have aren’t even trans themselves. The people who do most of the talking are usually the same people who don’t even know gender and sex aren’t the same thing.

This article from Psychology Today contains quotes from trans youth themselves about what they want adults to know. Share it with the people in your life. If they respond negatively to it, you’ve just exposed a transphobe in your life and should immediately show them the exit and lock the door behind them.

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