Drag Queen Heidi Haux Reenacted All of Kill Bill in One Epic Performance

Drag Queen Heidi Haux Reenacts All Of “Kill Bill” In Epic Performance
Zachary Zane

There is incredible, and then there is epic. What drag queen Heidi Haux accomplished is absolutely epic. She, along with her astounding crew, reenacted all of Kill Bill (volume 1 and 2) in a stunning drag performance, filled with lip syncs, props, choreographed fights scenes, and dancing.

The performance starred Haux as Uma Thurma and was a part of So You Think You Can Drag?, an NYC-based drag competition that features a lip-sync showdown each night.

Heidi took to Instagram to say that her performance was "Literally the most outrageous, stress-inducing, but overall incredible thing I've ever done."

All of her stress paid off because the final product was astounding. Watch the video, which will surely make Quentin Tarantino proud, right here!

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