11 Ways to Describe Shaun Ross' Prosthetic Peen

This is a photo of Shaun Ross.
Dustin Diehl

So, here’s some, um, big news. Model Shaun Ross is featured in a new music video for Dust by BRÅVES. But the real kicker comes in the final moments of the video, where we meet Ross’ impressive member. Not just “big” impressive. “Third leg” impressive.

Sure, it’s a prosthetic, but it’s still a sight to see!

So how would we describe Ross’ trouser snake? Well, it’s kind of like:

1. A Pringles can


2. A summer sausage


3. The space slug from Star Wars


4. An inflatable dancing man


5. A pool noodle


6. An elephant's trunk


7. The basilisk from Harry Potter


8. A magical baguette


9. The vacuum cleaner from Teletubbies


10. The Play Doh factory set


11. The list of Meryl Streep’s Oscar nominations

Check out the NSFW video on YouTube.

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