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Even Oreos aren't exempt from angry conservative boycotts for supporting LGBTQ+ rights

If it’s not Bud Light, Target, or Disney, conservatives will find a new company to boycott. This time, it’s Oreo.

RIP Fruit Stripe gum, we literally forgot you even still existed

Farewell to the gayest gum the world has ever known.

We Rated Your Favorite Halloween Candies By How Gay They Are

Sorry, but this is just science.

Spencer Hoddeson Knows You're Thirsty & Is Here to Quench You With His 'Gay Water'

Finally, representation you can cheers too, and with.

Jonathan Bennett Returns to Food Network & Says 'Halloween Is So Gay'

The actor is gearing up for spooky season with two delicious shows.

Conservatives Have A New Absurd Outrage: Skittles' Pride Campaign

The campaign may be over, but critics are just now lashing out at the "Taste the rainbow" brand and calling for a boycott.

Market Days 2023: The Complete Recap

These gays know how to party and PRIDE was there to see it all!

Kristen Kish Takes The Reigns As Top Chef's New Host

The season 10 winner said the role "feels like coming home."

M&M’s Declare Maya Rudolph New Spokesperson After Conservative Backlash

Fox News has been furious about recent changes to the brand.

Lindsay Lohan Channels Mean Girls In Her ‘Dirty’ New Campaign

Are you ready to take the pilk and cookies challenge?

Antoni Porowski Whips Up Something Nice with Easy-Bake Battle

Speaking with PRIDE the host opens up about his love of food, connecting with people, and why the new series was retribution for the chef.

Dan Levy Is Hosting a Tasty New HBO Gig

The out gay star is set to host “The Big Brunch” competition show.

LGBTQ+ Businesses Can Now Self-Identify on Yelp

They'll be "highlighted on Yelp with rainbow-colored map pins for the entire month of June."

Make Lunch Gay Again With This New 'Gay Burger' Restaurant

The proceeds from prankster Elijah Daniel's newest food project are going to the LA LGBT Center!

Lady Gaga Gives Us a Taste of Chromatica With Original Oreo Cookie

“I love these pink cookies with green creme," said Gaga, "and hope they brighten your day as much as they do mine!”

Homophobes Are Real Mad About Jonathan Van Ness' Uber Eats Ad

Anti-LGBTQ+ group One Million Moms waged a bigoted attack on the Queer Eye star's nonbinary identity.

'Mean Girls' Toaster Strudel Is FINALLY a Real Thing

These pastries look yummy — and fetch — AF! 

Kevin McHale's Sausage Accidentally Made His Boyfriend Sick

Cook your meats thoroughly, people!!