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Some things are just plain funny. Cats wearing people clothes, children falling down, and mispronouncing words on purpose are among them. Btu let’s not forget that modern gay existence—with all its trials and tribulations, not to mention our natural sense of humor—is prime comedic material as well. From gay jokes to outrageous YouTubers to hilarious LGBT memes, prepare to scroll through Pride’s collection of gay jokes and stories and LOL for at least the next three hours, if not more.

British Bake Off Told Gay Sex Jokes On Twitter and Fans Were Living

This one goes out to all the soggy bottoms out there.

This Satirical 'Reductress' Guide Will Help You Win at Feminism

Let Saint Bey show you the way.

Op-ed: Bartender's Domestic Violence Joke Tastes Sour

The server has been cut off after scrawling an offensive sign.

BBC Apologizes For 'Joke' About 'Curing' Lesbian Anchor

The British Broadcasting Corporation has apologized for a tasteless, homophobic "joke" about "curing" a lesbian anchor broadcast on the network's Radio 5 Live program Fighting Talk on Saturday.

Evan Rachel Wood's Miley Cyrus-Themed Lesbian Hair Joke Leads to Friendship

Actress Evan Rachel Wood (Mildred Pierce, True Blood) became the latest celebrity to comment on Miley Cyrus’ dramatic new haircut, but what she says was just a joke may not have gone quite as planned.

Comedian Daniel Tosh Gets a Kick out of Rape Jokes

Daniel Tosh—the frat-boy-like 37-year-old “funnyman” behind Comedy Central’s Tosh.0—is not known for his sophisticated humor. Many of the jokes on his show are of the boob/dick variety, and there’s no shortage of lame gay skits. Anyway, he is what he is.

Kathy Griffin Plays a Lesbian on Whitney - Jokes She and Whitney Cummings are an 'Item'

Comedian Kathy Griffin is becoming the go-to gal for playing lesbian on TV these days. First Griffin played a strident lesbian activist in a fairly offensive to lesbians episode of Law & Order: SVU and now she's slated to guest star as a lesbian on the NBC comedy Whitney, starring Griffin’s pal Whitney Cummings.

Rosie O'Donnell Fires Back at Letterman for Tasteless Lesbian Tow Trucker Joke

Rosie O'Donnell has fired back at fellow comedian-talk show host David Letterman's jokes about her engagement, commenting on his recent sex scandal and suggesting he might be antigay.

Ellen DeGeneres Apologizes to Apple for iPhone Joke

Our gracious lesbian fave Ellen DeGeneres issued an apology to Apple after airing a parody of an iPhone commercial Monday. The hysterical short segment showed the talk show host unable to use the tricky iphone applications. In an attempt to text, she accidentally sent a test to wife, Portia de Rossi. Ellen went on to give an apology to Apple co-founder Steve Jobs for making it seem like the iPhone is hard to use. "I love my iPad, I love my iPod." Watch the hysterical mock ad here. 

If You Pass Uranus You've Gone Too Far

Writer and lesbian guru Diana Cage encourages us all to enjoy our butts more since Uranus jokes have lately permeated the media. 'Barney Frank is gay, and that means he rules Uranus. Haha. Funny. Get it? Uranus? Like, as in, your butt? Haha, butts! I'm thinking that Uranus jokes are kind of scraping the bottom of the barrel, even for Rush Limbaugh. But he just keeps making them. They guy just loves a reference to buttsecks, what can you do?'

Brady Sisters Maureen McCormick and Eve Plumb: Lesbian Sex Joke Feud?

Seventies star Maureen McCormick, who made Marcia Brady a household name, claims that her Brady Bunch costar Eve Plumb refused a stint on Oprah over McCormick’s years-old joke that the small-screen sisters had a lesbian affair.

President Obama's Gay Marriage Joke! Offensive or Funny?

The blogs are in an uproar over President Barack Obama's 'gay joke' at the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner. Recently out lesbian and wickedly funny woman Wanda Sykes opened the evening. Despite the milestone of a gay woman opening the evening, blogs are abuzz regarding Obama's gay marriage joke concerning his friend and adviser David Axelrod.