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This NYC Judge Was Reportedly Fired After His OnlyFans Was Discovered

This NYC Judge Was Reportedly Fired After His OnlyFans Was Discovered

Gregory A. Locke Onlyfans
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Gregory A. Locke, an administrative judge in NYC's Financial Department, was reportedly fired after an investigation unearthed his OnlyFans account.

The controversy began when Republican councilwoman Vickie Paladino called a drag queen story hour “An absolutely shameful display,” on Twitter, to which Locke reportedly responded, “Choke on a d**k Vickie.” According to the NY Post, this led to an investigation into his “unprofessional behavior” and out-of-work activity.

This led to the discovery of his alleged alt-account, @CtrlZalt, where he posted x-rated content on both Onlyfans and Just For Fans. He reportedly opened the accounts in November 2020 and charged between $9.99 and $12 a month. “White collar professional by day… very unprofessional by night. always amateur, always raw, always slutty,” the Twitter account's description read. In a now-deleted tweet, the person behind the account responded to an inquiry about day jobs outside of being a "full time internet hoe" with "I'm a judge."

Following the investigation, Locke has reportedly been relieved of his position. It's unclear how much his OnlyFans material played into it, or if it was because his tweet at Paladino proved his inability to maintain the appearance of being impartial.

The councilwoman gave a statement to NY Post about the drama.

“This city must have absolute faith in its courts at every level, and employing individuals like Mr. Locke in positions of legal authority only corrodes the people’s trust in the professionalism and impartiality of our institutions,” she said.

While Paladino clearly sees this as a win, some folks believe his privacy was invaded and Locke's alleged involvement in sex work should not affect his day job. “This makes me so sad and angry he’s a really nice guy and definitely doesn’t deserve this," reads one comment. "What people do *legally* off the clock in their personal lives shouldn’t affect their job security.”

Locke has not publicly responded to the controversy, but his main account and alleged alt are still live and posting content, though the former auto-deletes tweets after seven days.

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