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25 Simple Questions for Guys Who Use Grindr

25 Simple Questions for Guys Who Use Grindr

25 Simple Questions for Guys Who Use Grindr

Dear Men of Grindr,

We have some questions for you, and we demand answers.

1. Do you work? 

2. Why are you up at 2 a.m. on a Tuesday?

3. Do you ever sleep?

4. How often does sending a dick pic first work?

5. If never, then why do you keep doing it?

6. Are you really this bad at spelling or are you not trying?

7. Have you heard of punctuation?

8. Can you respond with more than one syllable?

9. Do you know the differece between preferences and racism?

10. No, seriously, would you ever be this racist IRL? 

11. How long ago was that picture taken?

12. How old are you really?

13. Who took that picture of you with your legs behind your head?

14. Who took that action shot?

15. Are you real? 

16. Who doesn’t immediately realize you’re a bot?

17. How is everyone's penis the size on my calf?

18. Is everyone kinky?

19. Why did no one tell me everyone is this kinky?

20. Seriously, do you have a job, ‘cause you're looking at 10 a.m. on a Thursday?

21. I just blocked you; how are you messaging me?

22. Why did you send butt pics if you’re a “TOP ONLY”?

23. Did you just say you want to suck my dick off?

24. What does that even mean?

25. Is that supposed to be sexy?

*Deletes app with disgust* Redownloads app 36 hours later while coming home drunk from the club.

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