Brie Larson Surprised Lucky Captain Marvel Moviegoers & We're Jealous AF

Raffy Ermac

Marvel Studio's highly-anticipated Captain Marvel finally hit theaters this past weekend and despite efforts by sexist, manbaby fanboys to halt its success, the film shattered all sorts of box office records (and glass ceilings) by being the biggest worldwide launch of all time for a woman-led movie, garnering an estimated $153 million domestically and over $455 million internationally. But raking in tons of dough and critical praise wasn't the only good thing that happened over the weekend...

Some super, super, super lucky moviegoers got the chance to see Captain Marvel herself in person! 

Oscar winner and Captain Marvel star Brie Larson surprised fans during a regular screening of the latest MCU film at a local AMC theater in Clifton, New Jersey on Saturday night, reports CNET. (She was also wearing an amazing Captain Marvel-themed sweatsuit that we are frantically trying to find for ourselves online, btw.) 

We're not ones to get jealous, but I'm sure we aren't the only stans who wish they spent their Saturday night hanging out, eating popcorn, and watching a flick with Carol Danvers herself! 

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