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Superman Writer Responds to Death Threats With LGBTQ+ Charity Donations

Superman Writer Responds to Death Threats With LGBTQ Charity Donations

Superman Writer Responds to Death Threats With LGBTQ Charity Donations

Tom Taylor, who writes the new, bisexual Superman, is showing the best way to respond to trolls.


Superman writer Tom Taylor is turning hate into something good.

Taylor wrote the storyline where Jon Kent, the son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane, and the current Superman, came out as bi and started dating the reporter Jay Nakamura. And while most people are loving this new bisexual Superman, Taylor is also getting his share of hate from trolls and homophobes.

The move to make Superman bisexual has even been criticized by another former Superman, conservative actor Dean Cain. But Taylor’s not letting them bring him down, and instead, ScreenRant reports that he is turning their hate into a positive thing for LGBTQ+ youth. 

Taylor recently revealed on Twitter that he’s been getting death threats about the storyline. “Superman f****** gay??” one message reads. “You will die in pain, f*cking piece of sh*t!!!!” 

“Miroslav from Facebook, like so many before you, I made a donation to @minus18youth in our name,” Taylor replied, along with a digital receipt showing a $50 donation made to the organization.

So, not only did Taylor make a donation this time, but it seems like he’s been making donations in the name of people who send him death threats and hate over Superman being bi for a while now. And we don’t think he’ll stop any time soon.

Minus18 is an Australian charity (Taylor is Australian) that helps improve the lives of LGBTQ+ folks through creating safe spaces, offering training and resources, and helping youth learn the skills and get the opportunities they need to succeed. Now that is some real superhero behavior.

If you want to read more about Jonathan Kent’s bisexual adventures, Superman: Son of Kal-El #6 is available in bookstores and comic shops. And if you want to support Minus18, you can head over to their website to find out how!

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