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Cisgender is NOT a slur! Here's what it means.

A little louder in the back for people still confused.

10 Gender Identities Recognized By Cultures Outside Of The US

You’d be surprised by how many gender identities are widely accepted in other places.

Watch A Clip From The Gender Bending Short Valentine

The film premieres today as a part of Frameline Voices.

New Data Reveals Gen Z Is Queerer Than Ever

Census data from England and Wales shows a sharp rise in LGBTQ+ self-identification.

PSA: Stop Starting Wildfires With Your Tacky Gender Reveal Parties

The latest is burning through California.

This Is the Only Good Gender Reveal Party Ever

Everyone else can go home.

Gender Reveal Kills Grandmother in DIY Pipe Bomb Explosion

The explosion was supposed to reveal the baby's gender.