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Queer of the Year Finalists

Visibility matters so much this year, and we love these out and proud people. 

Lady Gaga Is Our Queer of the Year

Mother Monster isn’t just a great musician, she’s an inspiration to each and every one of us.

The 12 Best LGBT Movies of 2016

We found representation in these groundbreaking LGBT movies.

15 Moments That Brought Us Together in 2016

Let’s take a trip down one of the strangest years in recent memory.

11 Times Kate McKinnon Ruled 2016

It's Kate McKinnon's world and we're all just lucky to be living in it. 

19 Best Girl/Girl Onscreen Kisses of 2016

For better or worse, our favorite queer ladies in TV and film did share some beautiful moments together this year.

The 15 Must-Read LGBT Books of 2016

What was your favorite LGBT book of the year?

16 Inspiring Couples Who Were Relationship Goals in 2016

2016 may have had a lot of lows, but these 16 adorable LGBT couples were a ray of fabulous sunshine!

10 Big Events for Bisexuals in 2016

2016 was a big year for bisexuals. As a community, we should be proud! 

9 Ways To Be A Better Activist in 2017

Because in 2017 we may very well have to fight for our most basic rights. 

Let's Make 2017 A Year About Fighting Homonormativity

In 2017 people need to stop saying stuff that exists doesn't exist.

The 10 Best LGBT Music Videos of 2016

LGBT artists paid tributes to Pulse nightclub victims and rewrote Romeo and Juliet.

9 Fashionistas Who Smashed Gender Barriers in 2016

These celebs help prove clothing has no gender.

These 16 Guys Prove 2016's Best Trend Was Men Wearing Makeup

Slay us with that contour!

8 of the Best New LGBT Web Series of 2016

We’re so glad these groundbreaking LGBT stories were told.