These 16 Guys Prove 2016's Best Trend Was Men Wearing Makeup

Alexander Kirk

Photo: @jamescharles (Instagram)

2016 was a year filled with heartbreak and despair, but if one specific demographic came out of 2016 winning, it is definitely men who wear makeup. These days, male makeup artists are being catapulted into viral superstardom via Instagram and YouTube, and one even landed a nationwide campaign for CoverGirl. These guys are not only proving makeup has no gender, but breaking stereotypes of masculinity in and outside of the LGBT+ community.

Here are 16 guys that put their brushes to work, broke gender norms and made men in makeup the best trend of all trends in 2016. 

1. @mannymua733


A photo posted by Manny Gutierrez (@mannymua733) on


2. @mylessexton


A photo posted by Myles Sexton (@mylessexton) on


3. @andthatsjacob


A video posted by ANDTHATSJACOB (@andthatsjacob) on


4. @adamriotrox 


A photo posted by AdamRox (@adamriotrox) on


5. @jeffreestar


A photo posted by Jeffree Star (@jeffreestar) on


6. @aidensempire


A photo posted by Aiden's Empire (@aidensempire) on


7. @marcelogutierrez


8. CoverGirl @jamescharles


A photo posted by James Charles (@jamescharles) on


9. @sjt_mua


A photo posted by Sam Taylor (@sjt_mua) on


10. @skelotim


A photo posted by Tim O (@skelotim) on


11. @jcmakeupmaster


A video posted by JC (@jcmakeupmaster) on


12. @cybersleep


A photo posted by Ryan Potter (@cybersleep) on


13. @glamboyjay


14. @makeupbykeenan


15. @jonysios


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16. @spencerclaus


A photo posted by Spencer Claus (@spencerclaus) on

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