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We Wish We Had Dinner with Hillary Clinton & Kate McKinnon Last Night

The former Democratic presidential candidate dined with her SNL double Wednesday night before hitting Broadway.

Tim Kaine Officiated a Same-Sex Wedding on Trump's Inauguration Night

Proof that he would have made an awesome Vice President.

20 Amazing Signs from the Women’s March

Trump hasn’t seen nasty yet.

11 Times Kate McKinnon Ruled 2016

It's Kate McKinnon's world and we're all just lucky to be living in it. 

10 Leslie Knope GIFs That Capture All Your Feelings About Your Pro-Trump Family This Holiday

When you could’ve had Leslie Knope but instead you got Bobby Newport’s terrifying racist cousin.

Hillary Clinton Pleading with Electors Love Actually-Style is a New SNL Classic

Saturday Night Live and Kate McKinnon nailed this Love Actually parody, as Hillary Clinton goes door-to-door with a special message for electors.

Kate McKinnon's Hillary Clinton Returns in SNL's Hysterical Parody of Hiking Sightings

Kate McKinnon proved once again why she's the most Emmy-worthy of them all on Saturday Night Live last night.

Kate McKinnon's Haunting 'Hallelujah' Is SNL's Strongest Cold Open Yet

Saturday Night Live chose not to mess around in their first moments after the election, and Kate McKinnon's solo rendition of "Hallelujah" as Hillary Clinton is heartbreaking. 

This Petition Urges the Electoral College to Vote Hillary Clinton

In a broken nation, here's a way to make your voice heard just a little bit louder.

We Can and Should Send Thank You Notes to Hillary Clinton

I still believe with my whole heart in Hillary Rodham Clinton . If you do too, let her know.

We Will Persevere Because We Must

I've never been more ashamed to be a white man. 

Lady Gaga Protests Election Results at Trump Tower

Even though he won, Lady Gaga is still with her. 

7 Things I Promise to Do Now That the Unthinkable Has Happened

I didn't think I'd be in this place, but since hate, racism, misogyny, homophobia, and xenophobia has won the day and Donald Trump is the President-elect, here are seven things I promise to do.

Hillary Clinton, Jon Bon Jovi, and Friends Nailed the Mannequin Challenge

Haven't heard of the 'Mannequin Challenge' yet? Get ready to watch our future POTUS and her team master the trend. 

How Donald Trump (and This Nightmare Election) Finally Taught Me Body Positivity

It took 23 years, but thanks to Donald Trump and this dumpster fire of an election, I discovered body positivity, self-love, and the many joys of voting for Hillary Clinton. 

No Matter Who Wins the Presidency, We Need to Come Together

We need to keep dialogue open, even if it gets difficult or downright ugly.

Why I Am Voting For Hillary Clinton

Today, I'm definitely with her. 

Elizabeth Warren's Got Us Choked Up Discussing the Historical Significance of the Election on Ellen

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, whose famously gone after Donald Trump, reflects on Hillary Clinton's record and just how important this election is all the way down-ticket. 

Final 'SNL' Pre-Election Cold Open Jabs Media Coverage and Breaks the Fourth Wall

This cold open said more about Mike Pence’s anti-LGBT stance than all four debates.