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10 Adorable Photos of Santa Dogs Because You Need This

10 Adorable Photos of Santa Dogs Because You Need This

Postpone your holiday stress weeping with some dog photos. 

2016 has been a year from Hell, and getting through the final stressful holiday stretch might seem like more than you can manage considering you’ve spent the last month reading ominous New York Times updates on your exploding phone, crying while you listen to Prince and update Twitter, and waking up in a cold pool of sweat after your tenth post-apocalyptic nightmare. But even in a year as bad as 2016, one cherished and beautiful tradition prevails: dog owners will always dress their pups up in embarrassing stuff. As we say goodbye to this dumpster fire of a year, let’s take a moment to smile at one of the few things we have left this holiday season—Santa dogs. Here are 10 photos that will help you stop weeping for a minute.

1) This proud Pomeranian is in the Christmas spirit. 


A photo posted by Cali & Coco (@caliandcoco) on

Are you still crying?

2) What wouldn’t we give to be that Santa right now?


A photo posted by Farrah and Yoshi (@farrahface) on

If you are still crying, are you now crying tears of joy?

3) This active pup, Tooky, enjoys an adventurous Christmas.

Sure, the entire world feels like it's falling apart, but Tooky doesn't know that. Tooky is happily oblivious.

4) This grumpy Brussels Griffon in a Santa hat is the best Christmas gift ever.


A photo posted by griffon japan (@yamafujisun) on

Okay, well I can think of one Christmas gift that would be better. Like a time machine. But time machines don't exist and this dog does.

5) Judging by their faces, these pups might be on the naughty list this year.


A photo posted by Oliver_Luna (@oliver_luna16) on

Or they might understand that the PEOTUS is appointing neo-Nazis to his cabinet, but probably not because they're just dogs.

6) What’s a Santa dog costume without the beard?

It's a hollow empty lie, just like everything else.

7) We swear this adorable Santa pup is winking.

Maybe he's telling us dogs will take over the world in the next four years and we will all be saved. Or he has something in his eye. 

8) What could be better than a Santa dog? Answer: three Santa dogs.

Also, people not ignoring blatant misogyny in U.S. politics would be nice.

9) These Dachshund buddies dressed as Santa and a reindeer are the perfect Christmas card.

Send the card to members of your family who voted against your rights, because you're going high. 

10) Oreo is all of us after too much eggnog.


A photo posted by Where is Oreo? ( on

Or after another exhausting political argument with your weird nephew who still thinks "Killary" is clever and too much eggnog. Happy holidogs. 


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