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Gay Basketball Hottie Isaac Humphries Just Dropped a Christmas Album

The Australian basketball player came out as gay in 2022.

These Are the 11 Worst Christmas Songs. Period.

Don't @ us, we have spoken.

12 Hottest Gay Holiday Movies Hunks Who Make Us Want To Stuff Our Stockings

We wish any of these men were Santa coming down our chimney.

'Carol' Is Just Another Dull Film About White Lesbians

I dare you to ask me if I went to film school.

10 Things We're Thankful For In 2023

This Thanksgiving, we’re thinking of all the queer reasons we have to be thankful.

8 Reasons Thanksgiving Is Actually The Worst

What are we even celebrating again...?

Hallmark Hottie Luke Macfarlane Is Santa's Son In New Holiday Movie

Using Christmas lights as rope? Kinky.

57 Thoughts We Had While Watching The Wild AF Holiday Film 'Lez Bomb'

Let's all watch Lez Bomb and question why she kissed her brother?

26 Queer Christmas Movies That Will Make Your Yuletide Hella Gay

There has actually been a handful queer, cute AF holiday movies throughout the years!

'Schitt's Creek's Emily Hampshire Apologizes For 'Thoughtless, Insensitive & Ignorant' Costume

The actress and a friend dressed up as Johnny Depp and Amber Heard for Halloween this year.

Trinity The Tuck Brings Fan-Favorite Characters Back For Christmas Projects

We can not to see how gay this Yuletide will be!

GAF CEO Unconvincingly Backtracks On Candace Cameron Bure's 'Traditional Marriage' Remarks

Honestly, this is just embarrassing. They should be embarrassed.

Johnny Sibilly Showed Off His Booty In A Britney Tribute & Fans Are Screaming ‘Gimme More’

The cheeky recreation is driving everyone wild.

We Rated Your Favorite Halloween Candies By How Gay They Are

Sorry, but this is just science.

Danny Pellegrino Shares Unhinged Stories In New Christmas Book

The holidays can be quite chaotic... at least for this gay.

Jinkx Monsoon & BenDeLaCreme Reflect On Their 'Drag Race' Legacies

The iconic queens are teaming up on another cheery holiday tour.

8 Historical LGBTQ+ People to Dress Up As for Halloween

In need of some historical Halloween?

20 Steamy Pics of Jonathan Bennett Just 'Cause It's October 3rd

In 2023, we’re celebrating 19 years of Means Girls.

13 Halloween Costume Ideas Inspired By '90s Nickelodeon Characters

How can we possibly choose the best one?!