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13 Reasons Katherine Moennig Would Be the Perfect Girlfriend

13 Reasons Katherine Moennig Would Be the Perfect Girlfriend

13 Reasons Katherine Moennig Would Be the Perfect Girlfriend

It’s common knowledge that lesbian, queer and bisexual women are, on a whole, obsessed with Katherine Moennig, and that not a single one of us wouldn’t drop everyone and everything to date her.

katherine moennig

Kate’s sexuality quickly possessed our lustful souls when we were introduced to her years ago, and for most of us, it solidified her position as one of the sexiest women alive. But aside from her sexuality— only one of the many reasons we’re obsessed—there are more than a dozen reasons she makes the perfect girlfriend.

1. She was and always will be Shane on The L Word.

katherine moennig

Literally, all types of lesbians want Shane. Femmes do, andro women do. Even butch women want her. Shane is and will always be sexy to all women (and even lots of gay and straight men), which is the role that made Kate a sex symbol. 

2. She has wicked style.

katherine moennig

If you were with Kate, you could thank your GIRLFRIEND for pioneering the sexy androgynous look lesbians copy.

3. She plays softball.

Her team regularly kicks ass, and someone else you love is on the team …

4. Leisha Hailey. Because Leisha AKA Alice from The L Word, is her IRL bestie.

For The L Word super fans out there, her RL relationship with Leisha makes obsessing over her Instagram impossible.

5. She loves dogs.

She posts dog selfies on Instagram all the time. 

6. She has a uniform that totally works.

The whole slightly-baggy skinny jean paired with her signature loose, basic top is what you expect Kate to wear and it's hot AF.

7. She's evidence that once you find your sexy lesbian haircut, life is better.

For many L Word fans, we thought she stick with a shorter dud, but her signature shaggy lob is definitely working, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

8. She’s continued to be a working actress on Showtime.

katherine moennig

If you aren’t watching Roy Donovan, jump on the band wagon.

9. She does stuff for the lesbian community.

If you missed the fact that she’s hosting a party in LA, I’m so sorry.

10. She’s into music.

Her and Camila Grey are in a DJ group together and it’s amazing.

11. Her most committed relationship is with her four-legged friend.

Which all the single girls completely understand

12. She kinda introverted.

katherine moennig

You won’t see her making friends with up-and-coming LGBT babes of the day, and we like that.

13. She does OG dykey stuff.

Like woodworking and fishing, which is hot.

Briana lives and works in San Francisco with her girlfriend and their two pugs. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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