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33 Truths Only 2000s Queer Girls Remember

33 Truths Only 2000s Lesbian and Bisexual Girls Remember

33 Truths Only 2000s Lesbian and Bisexual Girls Remember

The L Word, Tegan and Sara, and marriage equality are just the beginning...


1. The first and last time you bought People in your life was for Ellen and Portia's wedding issue, and the tattered cover is still tacked to the side of your fridge. 


2. You could not WAIT to bust out your freshmen year Converse because they came back in style. 


3. You recently found a notebook with the password for your first AfterEllen profile, back in 2004, scribbled on the inside cover. 


4. You have no regrets about being late for so many meetings and appointments because you refused to turn off Rachel Maddow's Air America radio show in your car before it was over. 


5. Just the other day you remembered that Alice Pieszecki is bisexual, and you wondered whatever happened to that part of her storyline. 


6. Then you remembered that Jenny Schecter was bisexual as well, and you wondered what happened to that... 


7. In 2007 you found ALL of your ex-girlfriends on Facebook, and you even friended a few. 

8. You stood up and cheered when Wanda Sykes declared this at a Prop 8 rally -  "I’m proud to be a woman. I’m proud to be a black woman, and I’m proud to be gay.”


9. Spencer and Ashley's happiness on South of Nowhere became more important than your own. And sometimes still is to this day. 


10. You're still fighting with Ticketmaster to get a refund for that t.A.Tu concert you attended back in 2001. 


11. Chloe Sevigny in If These Walls Could Talk 2 still does things to you. 


12. For your first pilgrimage to Dinah you kept a baseline buzz for five days, flashed your boobs off the balcony of the host hotel, and made out with at least one girl in the pool. You consider this a successful Dinah. 


13. You rooted for Lindsay and Sam to make it. 


14. The first lady-love couple you shipped was Degrassi’s Paige and Alex — and you hated Paige a little more every time she went back to Spinner. Team Palex all the way — they were just so perfect for each other!


15. When you first heard Katy Perry's "I Kissed a Girl," You were like "WHAT?!" Then you were like, "YEEEEEAAAAAHHHH." 


16. Piper Perabo still holds a place near and dear to your heart after dominating the 2000s cult movie queer scene with Lost and Delirious and Imagine Me and You.


17. In 2004 you marched on Washington for women's lives, and you fell for the cute girl in glasses with the megaphone. 


18. You tuned in to watch Bianca's coming-out story on All My Children and, before you knew it, you were sucked back into the whole damned show again. 



19. You remember how frustrated you were that it took four downloads on Napster before you got a free version of that unreleased Fiona Apple song that would actually play. 



20. You actually remember Queer Eye for the Straight Girl. 


21. You're still carting this copy of Bust from apartment to apartment. 


22. Your heart remains crushed from the last three episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer's sixth season. You know what happens. And you hate it. 


23. You had a planking obsession in 2003 in hopes of having abs like this.


24. Young Evan Rachel Wood and Mischa Barton and their epic romance as Jessie and Katie on Once and Again made you wish you were just discovering EVERYTHING for the first time again.


25. You got this haircut in 2005. 


26. Kristen Stewart in Panic Room, Ellen Page in Juno, and Avril Lavigne validated your identity as a tomboy. 


27. You're proud of your scar from that blister you got from marching, and marching, and marching against Prop 8


28. Lisbeth Salander became your spirit animal. 


29. Tegan and Sara released The Con, which pretty much could have just been titled "The New Soundtrack To Your Life." 


30. Dr. Erica Hahn got "glasses" on Grey's Anatomy and you cried because you totally understood. 


31. You just knew in your heart that Kristanna Loken was telling the truth about her fling with Michelle Rodriguez.


32. You hoped that Melanie and Lindsey found a group of friends who treated them better than the boys on Queer as Folk did. 


33. You couldn't help it. You and your friends made your own version ofThe L Wordchart, and you discovered that you were the Shane. 

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<p>Cinephile, cyclist, proud cat lady and unabashed Pretty Little Liars guru.</p>

<p>Cinephile, cyclist, proud cat lady and unabashed Pretty Little Liars guru.</p>