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What Your Nails Say About You

What Your Nails Say About You

What Your Nails Say About You

Have you ever wondered what your talons say to other queer girls? I decided to investigate varying nail styles and get to the bottom of their meaning. If you didn’t know, you can tell a lot about a queer woman from her nails ... a lot of sexy things. So, here's that your nails say about you... 


Extra-Short Unpolished Nails


This particular nail owner is probs more on the masculine side (interpret that however you want), and she's definitely catching some pussy.

Bitten-Down Nubby Nails


She has that rounded-tip-of-the-finger thing going on, and some girls think it's gross. To each her own. We’d rather not comment.

Short Black Nails


The short-black-nail look is sexy and mysterious, and whoever wears it, rocks it. This nail owner woman makes a conscious decision to keep her nails short, so don’t underestimate her sex life or her proclivities.

Long Natural Nails


This person takes her nails seriously. She probably has a nail file on her ( (somewhere). It takes a brave girl to let those filed puppies inside (but that doesn’t mean they aren’t out there).

Short Brightly-Polished Nails


Many queer girls rock this look, and they're breaking stereotypes all day. She probably uses her hands, left and right (if you know what I mean).

Long Acrylic Stiletto/Coffin Nails


Basically, if a queer woman meets another queer woman with long acrylic stiletto or coffin nails, they assume that girl only plans to receive and never to give. Or at least not until her velociraptor claws retract. 

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