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Will Kristen Stewart Play Gay in Charlie's Angels?

Will Kristen Stewart Play Gay in 'Charlie's Angels'?

Will Kristen Stewart Play Gay in 'Charlie's Angels'?

Our fingers have been crossed for a hundred years.


The new Charlie's Angels film looks super badass. But one thing that's inquiring gay minds everywhere have wanted to know since the casting announcements were made is whether the inclusion of Kristen Stewart would mean we would finally get a gay Angel in the franchise.

The short answer is...not really?

Director Elizabeth Banks recently shared her thoughts on the matter in an interview with DigitalSpy.

"When I cast [Kristen Stewart], I just wanted her to be...I just felt like she's almost the way Kristen is. I don't feel there is a label that fits her," Banks said."


She continued: "The only thing that was important to me was to not label it as anything. It's fine if the media wants to label it, I think that's okay, but I didn't do that. I just let her be herself in the film."

Refusing to label characters as queer is a modern trend among straight writers and directors, who have no problem including coding easily read as heterosexual. But while most characters in your average film don't need to suddenly have a dramatic coming out scene mid-fight sequence, throwing in a casually queer character is actually quite simple to do. Instead, we get to do what we've always done -- read between the lines and put our own labels on characters.

It sounds reminiscent of Elizabeth Banks' last franchise, Pitch Perfect, where many fans read two of the main characters as queer and the series gave a lot of indulgent winks that one or both may be bisexual, but only actually acknowledged opposite gender attraction in any sort of serious fashion.

But Charlie's Angels still looks like an incredible and joyful romp, even if it's not giving us long overdue representation in a beloved franchise. And even if nobody will come out and say KStew's newest character loves the ladies, much like was the case with Kate McKinnon in Ghostbuster, we'll still know.

UPDATE: A follow-up interview with Elizabeth Banks switched gears and confirmed that Kristen Stewart's character is in fact queer in the film, with brief confirmation.

"Kristen’s character is definitely gay in the movie," Banks told PrideSource. "I mean, she wanted to be gay in the movie and I’m like, “Yeah.” I made sure we kept that little moment in so that you understand what she was attracted to."

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