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Dan Levy's Favorite Part of Happiest Season? The Coming Out Lessons

Dan Levy's Favorite Part of 'Happiest Season?' The Coming Out Lessons

Dan Levy's Favorite Part of 'Happiest Season?' The Coming Out Lessons

"It's a wonderful message to people because there is no right way of coming out," the Emmy-winning actor told PRIDE about Hulu's hilarious queer rom-com. 


There's no doubt that Happiest Season is making the yuletide gay!

It seems like everyone's talking about Hulu's latest lesbian Christmas rom-com, and for good reason! Like taking a sip from a hot cup of cocoa, it's a stunning, heartwarming, feel-good film that is sure to get your queer feels in a flurry.

Just ahead of the movie's premiere, PRIDE virtually sat down with stars Kristen Stewart, Mackenzie Davis, Clea DuVall, Dan Levy, Aubrey Plaza, Alison Brie, Mary Steenburgen, and Mary Holland to discuss the film, girl crushes, memes, and the power a heartwarming LGBTQ+ rom-com can have on viewers.

It's safe to say that Levy and Plaza's supporting cast roles both had moments where they stole the show, particularly with their emotional revelations to Stewart's character Abby. Riley shares how she was outed in high school while John takes Abby aside at a tender moment and makes it clear that all LGBTQ+ people have their own stories and experience coming out differently. 

"It's a wonderful thing to be able to do really funny stuff in a movie and then also be able to ground your character in something really meaningful," Levy tells PRIDE. "When I read John's speech to her at the end of the movie, it felt just really real and authentic. I think that's because someone who lived it wrote it," referencing DuVall writing the script. "That's a testament to that, the importance of that."

"It's a wonderful kind of message to people because there is no right way of coming out and there's no right way of handling your own sexual experience. To have that in a studio film is a really meaningful thing."

"Yeah, I love that scene," Plaza adds, referring to her character's moment with Abby when she reveals Harper outed Riley in high school. "I was nervous about that little monologue, but I think it's just a great kind of representation of someone who went through a story like that, which I think so many people can relate to. And I think it's really great to have that on-screen and have that be part of Riley's character. In my mind, she's someone that has overcome a lot of shit and she's someone to aspire to be like, and I was very excited about playing someone that was able to articulate that struggle and also to portray a lesbian who's not ashamed of who she is. I was just hoping that I would do it justice."

Happiest Season is streaming on Hulu now! Watch PRIDE's full interview with the cast and director below. 

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