Katy Perry During 'Bon Appétit' Live Stream: "Maybe I Oversexualized Myself"

Taylor Henderson

Katy Perry went live on YouTube to premiere the new music video for "Bon Appétit," the second single off of her upcoming album Witness.

Never one to shy away from innuendo and as wacky and outrageous as ever, Perry sings "If you take your time, eat with your hands fine, I'm on the menu" as she's getting very suggestively prepped for a meal by a group of chefs.

During the 36-minute live stream, a fan asked if the music video was a good representation of feminism. "I think sexual empowerment is feminist," she replied. "When it's on your terms, consensual, and beautiful, I think sex is a beautiful, powerful thing."

In a shockingly vulnerable moment a few minutes later, the outspoken LGBT ally opened up about the hypersexualization of her image in the beginning of her career and how it might have hindered more than helped her.

"Someone said do I miss my long hair in videos. I wanna say this. Something really beautiful has happened in my life and I feel like I've been liberated from so much. I started dressing for me, I started styling myself for me and not for anyone else. 

This is hard for me to share, but I'll share it with you. I feel like maybe I oversexualized myself a little bit growing up. Especially in the first part of my career because that was the only way, well one of the ways, I got attention. I think that was because of my past and stuff that had happened in my past. Since I've been through a healing, I don't fear intimacy. I don't see myself as oversexualizing myself, I feel very sexually empowered. It's different now."

The pop star has been under fire pretty consistently over the last couple of months for a wide range of scandals, and we have yet to see how they will affect her career. However, Perry's last three singles ("Rise," "Chained to the Rhythm," "Bon Appétit") have all underperformed sales-wise and chart-wise for such a huge household name. 

But Perry promised that the wait for her new album is almost over. "On this record, you're going to see so many liberations and experience so many different songs hopefully you guys can resonate with and relate to." She's excited to film an episode of carpool karaoke with James Corden very soon and told her fans to be on the lookout for her appearance on The Ellen Show next Tuesday.

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