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Watch Julia Weldon's Powerful Video for 'When You Die'

Wooi Yen "Sandee" Lim

Gender non-binary artist Julia Weldon has just released a new and emotionally-driven music video for their latest single "When You Die."

Originally written in response to slowly losing their father to Parkinson's Disease, the track is about internalized anger, frustration, and being able to let it all go. Told through the lens of someone who is grappling with keeping themselves a secret, Weldon fearlessly shares their emotional journey using their gender identity and physical body to depict vulnerability and empowerment.

"I truly hope that other genderqueer individuals, especially queer youth, are able to see the video and feel empowered in themselves and their own unique bodies," Weldon said in a statement about the impact they hope "When You Die" has on audiences. 

Watch "When You Die" in the video below! See Julia Weldon live at Brooklyn's C'Mon Everybody on Friday, October 12 at 8pm! And for more on their music, listen to them on Spotify and follow them on Instagram!

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