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10 Sexualities You May Not Have Heard Of

The terms keep expanding, but here are a few to help you keep up!

10 Things You Should Know About What It Means To Be Nonbinary

Let's deconstruct the societal concept of gender, shall we?

Bella Ramsey Clarifies Pronouns: 'It's Impossible To Misgender Me'

The actor said they are done talking about "gender stuff" for awhile.

Adult Film Star Queen Sir JET Calls Out Major Studios In New Song

The content creator is calling the shots with her new empowerment anthem.

How Texas, And Its Resilient Queer Community, Surprised Me

The Unleashed LGBTQ+ event in Dallas offered an opportunity to reflect on the importance of representation and allyship.

​Why Black, Trans Stories Like Mine Are Essential

GLAAD's Black Queer Creative Summit brought artists together for an inspiring weekend.

9 Best States To Live In As A Trans Person

Cheers to these states actually caring about their trans citizens

Bad Bunny Blasts Homophobic Responses To His Fashion Choices

The rapper explained why he sometimes wears women's clothes.

15 Smoking Hot Gen Z Celebs Who Prove The Future Is Queer!

These stars are living out and proud and are already iconic!

11 Cisgender Privileges You Didn't Know You Had

Understanding this is one step to being the best ally possible to transgender people.

Bigots Target Sam Smith After MTV VMAs Video Of The Year Nomination

A tweet pointed out no men were nominated, and temper tantrums ensued.

Suzy Eddie Izzard Confirms Pronouns & Thwarts Deadnamers

The comic legend officially enters their she/her era, and we love it!

12 Characters That Destroy Traditional Gender Roles

Some of our most beloved characters break free from the gender binary!

10 Struggles You Face When Your Pronouns Are They/Them

You know my pronouns, now please try to use them properly.

New Data Reveals Gen Z Is Queerer Than Ever

Census data from England and Wales shows a sharp rise in LGBTQ+ self-identification.

15 Queer Women Who Changed History

The world wouldn't be the same without these amazing women! 

Avan Jogia Shares He/They Pronoun Update With Silly TikTok

The actor added the updated pronouns to their TikTok bio.

Demi Lovato Comes Out As Nonbinary

The pop singer also now uses they/them pronouns! 

Angel Bismark Curiel Didn't Know What Transgender Meant Before 'Pose'

Curiel hopes the series can help educate cisgender men.

Courtney Stodden Comes Out As Nonbinary

The reality TV personality and singer opened up about their gender identity in an emotional Instagram post.