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What Does Robyn Think of Raven & Jujubee's Iconic Drag Race Lip Sync?

What Does Robyn Think of Raven & Jujubee's Iconic 'Drag Race' Lipsync?

What Does Robyn Think of Raven & Jujubee's Iconic 'Drag Race' Lipsync?

The two Drag Race alums and besties had to face off against each other to the Swedish singer's legendary bop "Dancing On My Own."


It's not often that drag queens, who perform an endless number of lip syncs over the course of their careers, get feedback from the pop artists they so often emulate. But in the case of Jujebee and Raven, the two legendary RuPaul's Drag Race alums who had to face off against each other during one episode of All Stars 1 back in 2012, the queens were actually lucky enough to hear from Swedish pop icon Robyn! 

In what can only be described as one of the show's more emotional, memorable moments, Jujubee and Raven (who were up, until that point, teammates) had to lip sync for their lives to Robyn's 2010 smash "Dancing On My Own." Well, Robyn, who is set to guest judge on this week's episode of Drag Race season 12, finally got to see the performance in question, and she had a bunch of thoughts on how Jujubee and Raven did! 

"Oh my God, it’s good. I love that they’re already crying, they’re getting into it. I’m getting chills," the singer-songwriter told Entertainment Weekly in a recent interview. "I love that they’re hugging, that my song is making them hug! It doesn’t feel like a battle, it feels like they’re supporting each other."

"Well, I would say one thing," she continued, offering up just one singular piece of advice for the two drag legends' epic lip sync. "I would’ve loved after the line 'I’m just gonna dance all night,' I wish they would’ve danced a little bit there, that would’ve been so nice. But, I just think it’s the sweetest performance ever. I love that they’re supporting each’s in the spirit of the song!"

Robyn makes her Drag Race judges table debut on this week's episode, which airs on Friday at 8pm on VH1. Watch the first 15 minutes of the episode in the video below! 

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