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LEGOLAND Builds World's Smallest Pride Parade Celebration

LEGOLAND Builds World's Smallest Pride Parade Celebration

LEGOLAND Builds World's Smallest Pride Parade Celebration

The display recreates the NYC Pride Parade.


In compiling lists of the coolest places to go for Pride this year, it’s likely no one thought to include LEGOLAND.

But the LEGOLAND Discover Center in Westchester, New York wanted to step up and do something on brand for this year’s 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. So they built what they’re calling the World’s Smallest Pride Parade.

The display is a replica of NYC’s Pride parade and is set up in MINILAND, which houses tiny replicas of New York City made out Legos (duh). It features both “Pride” and “Love” floats, along with a Stonewall 50 mosaic billboard towering over everything.

Not to mention plenty of rainbows.

While there will undoubtedly be some critics claiming that a place for kids is no place for an LGBTQ Pride display, LEGOLAND marketing executive Nicholas Hurst disagrees, and says it’s because this is a place for kids that makes it so important to be inclusive.

“Playing is a universal way for every child and family to connect,” Hurst said. “LEGOLAND Discover Center really makes sure all kids can come and not have any kind of stigma or judgement, and just be there to have a great time with their family and friends.”

The World’s Smallest Pride Parade took around 25 hours and 60,000 Lego elements to create.

Master builder Willis Reifsnyder shared his thoughts on the installment with NBC New York, saying that each Lego piece “is unique, is important and serves a purpose…to create such vibrant art.”

Kids will be able to enjoy that rainbow-themed art at the Westchester LEGOLAND through the end of June.

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