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10 Easy and Effective Ways You Can Support Hillary Clinton Right Now

10 Easy and Effective Ways You Can Support Hillary Clinton Right Now

10 Easy and Effective Ways You Can Support Hillary Clinton Right Now

So you've been telling yourself you'll throw your weight behind the only actual politician running for president this year? Time to take action. 


Happy October! We're officially one month away from the election, so if you ever intend on cracking down in support of your candidate, it's time to follow through. Whether or not you've been hitting snooze on your alarm to register to vote, haven't taken some time to read up on policies, or have been constantly postponing that call-in you said you'd host, it's now or never—and we've made it super easy for you to make the "how" part happen now.

Here are 10 ways you can support Hillary Clinton easily and immediately, because it really only takes a few clicks and a few moments of your time to become an informed, active political superstar. Now, let's all do our best to make sure HRC is our next president!

10. Register to vote

We've even made it all that much easier with this roundup of how to register in every state before their deadlines. No excuses!

9. Download the "Hillary 2016" app and get learning

Hillary's snazzy app is an awesome round-up of all sorts of information. You can take quizzes on political policies, finds events in your area, connect with friends, decorate your HQ to fit your stylistic preferences, and even play trashketball to pass the time. It's a sleek, simple way to support Hillary in the palm of your hand.

8. Sign up to volunteer (you can even take a quiz to find out what method is best suited to you)

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Hillary's website walks you through two different ways to get started. You can make phone calls following a carefully laid out script or add an extension to Google Chrome that will help you take daily action to gain swing state votes. Or both, because it's easy and you want to support Hillary however you can! 

7. Follow Hillz on social media

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It's a effortless way to ensure that you're being kept up-to-date on the news, as well as opportunities to support Hillary as they arise. Here are Hillary's Facebook and Twitter pages. 

6. Get your merch game on

Show the world you support Hillary without having to call them on the phone with some HRC swag. There's a hella cute collection of apparel, accessories, and even a "Debate Watch Set" to help this election season go down a bit more smoothly. Really, check it out! Some of this stuff is super cute. 

5. Educate yourself on Hillary's policies

Nothing will put you in a better position to support your candidate than understanding why you're doing so. This election isn't just about making an emotional choice, it's about making an informed one about why the candidate you'll be voting for is right for you and for America. 

4. Educate yourself on Trump's policies

Yes, it's hard to take a moment to truly focus on views that oppose your own, but just as you researched Hillary's views to know why you connected with them, it's important to get all the facts on the other side too so you know what kind of future you're fighting against. Even if you hate what you see, facts, figures, and information will be the best way to arm yourself in any discussion about why it's necessary Hillary claim the Oval Office in January. 

3. If you're in a position to financially contribute, go ahead and chip in

You can give anything from $1 to an endless, mind-blowing sum, and sometimes you even get fun mementos like magnets or stickers that can show everyone how much you're rooting for Hillary. No amount is too small!

2. Try to talk to the people in your life who support Trump

This isn't an easy conversation, but it is a necessary one. Of course, there are situations where this conversation will cause more emotional harm than good, but if you feel comfortable trying to connect with the Trump supporters in your life and having a fair, fact-based conversation about this election, it might be worth the battle—especially because now you've done your research and are informed about both candidate's policies. If it'll tear your family apart, potentially steer clear of this step, but if you feel ready to take on the challenge, it could mean a big change for the better. 

1. Literally go to a poll and vote

There's no better way to support HRC than to show up at the polls. No amount of not believing Trump will win will keep him out of office unless you do your part to take action. Now is the time!

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