According to Joe Biden's Foreword in Sarah McBride’s Memoir, Trans Equality Is the 'Civil Rights Issue of Our Time'

Zachary Zane

You may remember Sarah McBride from last year when she made history as the first transgender woman to address the Democratic National Convention.

When she spoke at the DNC in Philadelphia in July 2016, she received loud applause when she declared, "I am a proud transgender American. Today in America, LGBTQ people are targeted by hate that lives in both laws and heart. I believe tomorrow can be different."

She has now written a memoir, set to be published in March of 2018 by Crown Archetype, entitled Tomorrow Will Be Different: Love, Loss, and the Fight for Trans Equality.

The foreword is written by a champion of human rights—the one, the only, the former Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden.

In it, he not only writes that transgender equality is the "civil rights issue of our time," but also, "It’s about freeing the soul of America from the constraints of bigotry, hate, and fear, and opening people’s hearts and minds to what binds us all together...and that’s what makes Sarah’s book so powerful."

Congratulations Sarah! We cannot wait to read the entire memoir when it comes out next year!

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