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Want To Have More Sex? You Might Need to Be Nicer

Want To Have More Sex? You Might Need to Be Nicer

Want To Have More Sex? You Might Need to Be Nicer

This study proves that we all like a kindhearted bae.


We're always wondering how we can have more sex. Well, if we're into that, anyway. For those of us who are, this new study may be just what you've been looking for.

Published in the British Journal of Psychology, the study seems to be arguing that people who are perceived to be kinder, and who carry out kind acts, are more likely to have more sex. Basically? Being nice will get you laid. 

But it has to be REAL.

Sorry, Nice Guys. But people can see through your faux-kindness and won't be manipulated into getting it on with you. And you shouldn't try to manipulate people, anyway, no matter how "nice" you think you are.

No, this was about real kindness. In the study, 192 women and 105 men opened up about their most altruistic habits, which including: how often they 1) donated blood, 2) gave to charities, and 3) helped out their neighbors. The next step in the study was for these participants to get real about how often they had sex.  The results? Those who scored higher on the altruism survey, aka the nice people who are actually nice and practice kindness regularly, had more sexual partners.

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Long story short? If you want to have more sex and can't figure out why people don't want to have sex with you, reevaluate what kind of person you are. Sorry folks, but despite the myths of everyone loving a bad boy, we actually just want someone who donates blood, is nice to their neighbors, and does a good deed every once in a while.

Besides, even if the study is a fluke, what harm could it cause? Each of us could learn to be a little more kindhearted in this harsh, cruel world. 

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