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anti lgbtq bills

Ron DeSantis is such a huge LOSER that 21 of his anti-LGBTQ bills fail while we're CACKLING

Turns out being a huge homophobe isn't the pathway to success Republicans think it is.

Trans TikToker Says Politicians & Pastors Are The Real Child Groomers

TikToker Kristen Bowde's research found that pastors and politicians are the ones who are overwhelmingly abusing children — not queer people.

‘White Lotus’s Michael Imperioli Unleashes On ‘Bigots & Homophobes’

He also says America is “becoming dumber by the minute”

Graham Norton Sees An Upside To Drag Bans And Anti-drag Rhetoric

The host of 'Queen of the Universe' has a unique take on the current backlash over drag.

George Santos Tried To Read Trixie Mattel – It Gloriously Backfired

The Republican politician keeps embarrassing himself.