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dylan mulvaney

10 Things We're Thankful For In 2023

This Thanksgiving, we’re thinking of all the queer reasons we have to be thankful.

Ron DeSantis' Latest Eye-Rolling Move: An Investigation Into Bud Light

The conservative outrage over a single trans person drinking beer continues.

Dylan Mulvaney Left The US To 'Feel Safe' Amid Transphobic Backlash

The trans TikTok star fled to Peru to get away from all the hate she was experiencing from the Bud Light controversy.

10 Companies That Actually Do Support The LGBTQ+ Community

With the Bud Light boycott in full swing we had to find other brands to help us quench our thirst.

Dylan Mulvaney Calls Out Bud Light For Not Backing Her During Backlash

After months of weathering a vicious transphobic attack, the influencer shares her side of the story — and it’s not a good look for Bud Light.

Conservatives Lose It Over Garth Brooks' Inclusive New Bar & Bud Light

The country singer draws ire & boycotts from the right for passing the lowest bar possible for allyship.

Bud Light Drops Thousands To LGBTQ+ Group, Allyship Still Feels Hazy

The company faced backlash for first partnering with and then dumping Dylan Mulvaney.

Dylan Mulvaney Breaks Her Silence After A Week Of Transphobic Attacks

The trans influencer has become a target of the right after partnering with a beer company.

Fragile Transphobes Freak Out Over Dylan Mulvaney Drinking Bud Light

Conservatives are furious over video shared to the influencer's own social media.