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The cast of 'Pretty Little Liars: Summer School' is breaking down this week's INCREDIBLE queer episode

The cast and creators from the hit show are exclusively chatting with PRIDE on all of the emotional moments fans get to see.

​'Chucky' creator on why taking Devon & Jake’s love story to the next level was ‘transformative’​

“We knew that if we got to season three, just to be realistic, we’d want them to take that step,” said Don Mancini.

'Chucky' star Jennifer Tilly on Tiffany’s chaotic Sapphic era & why we love her anyway

“Fiona is a fine-looking specimen of womanhood.”

‘The First Omen’ is a chilling tale of authoritarian control & a diabolically good time

In a time when fascistic powers are intent on controlling our bodies, minds, and reproductive choices, this all-too-timely and terrifying film hits just right.

Meet Scott Chambers, the out actor & producer behind ‘The Poohniverse’ viral sensation

With Winnie-the-Pooh: Blood & Honey 2 hitting theaters this week, we delved into the mind behind the mega buzzy horror franchise.

Mark your calendar, here’s when your new fave gay supernatural series drops on Netflix

We’ve got the tea and first-look images for the Sandman spinoff Dead Boy Detectives — and it looks hauntingly good.

'Lisa Frankenstein' stitches together '80s nostalgia & the female gaze for a dream creature feature

Out director Zelda Williams and writer Diablo Cody have created a monstrous new modern classic.

15 Best LGBTQ+ Horror Films Of 2023, To Make Your Yuletide Scary AF

This year some of the best representation we got on screen came with a side of chills.

'Scream 7' Plans Slashed As Melissa Barrera Gets Cut & Jenna Ortega Flees The Franchise

What does the future hold for the franchise now that two of its leads were fired or quit?

This New Queer Horror Film Is Not Fun It's A Middle Finger To Florida's Anti-Drag Laws

Eric Swanson & Erynn Dalton's Big Easy Queens is a spooky delight and a revolutionary act.

One Of This Year’s Very Best Queer Films Drops On Shudder Today

PRIDE chats with ‘Birth/Rebirth’ filmmaker Laura Moss about their, bold and boundary-busting film.

The Boulet Brothers Dish 'Dragula' Season 5 Secrets & Why It's Their Most Wicked Yet

In part one of PRIDE’s interview with Swanthula and Dracmorda, the demonic duo talk directing, why this season is a new chapter, and tease some shocking twists to come.

'The Mill' Will Chill You, Thrill You & Inspire You To Tear Down The System

PRIDE chats with director Sean King O’Grady about how his film is a call for a personal revolution, and why the most sinister forces hide behind the friendliest faces.

Everything We Know About Queer Horror Series 'Hot Ways to Die'

This new series of short films were directed by João Dall’Stella.

‘Totally Killer’s Director On Bringing Camp & Queerness To The Horror Comedy

Out director Nahnatchka Khan dishes on her perennial spooky season fave in the making.

'SAW X' Makes Us Want To Play Jigsaw’s Game Again, At Last (Review)

The latest chapter in the SAW universe reinvigorates the franchise by pivoting to a character study amongst the bloody mayhem.

5 Things We Saw In KStew's Ghost Hunting Series Trailer That Have Us Hyped

Bring on the demonic forces!

'The Boulet Brothers' Dragula' S5 Returns Just In Time For Halloween

This season is set to be their biggest, boldest, and wickedest yet!

The 'Fall Of The House Of Usher' Trailer Looks Spooky AF

The new Mike Flanagan joints looks like it's going to be a mob movie meets a spooky horror flick!

Amandla Stenberg & Bobbi Salvör Menuez On Intimacy & Identity In My Animal

PRIDE chats with the stars of the new queer werewolf film, which arrives in theaters this week.