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presidential campaign

Trump is booed when he announces his tacky sneakers and we can't stop LAUGHING

We know he has bills to pay, but just no. These are terrible.

Yes, Nikki Haley sucks too — 6 trash things she said about the LGBTQ+ community

Just because she's running against Trump doesn't mean she's not terrible too!

5 times Trump showed signs of possible mental decline & isn't fit for the White House

Trump claims Joe Biden has dementia, but recent gaffs have the internet saying #TrumpIsNotWell.

Ron DeSantis may be out of the race but not before humiliating himself one more time

He ended his failed presidential run exactly how you would have expected: like a clown.

​Donald Trump won't be on the Nevada ballot and Democrats are CACKLING

Even though the former president chose to stay off the ballot, we're sure he'll blame Democrats if he loses!

Update: Ron DeSantis’ 8 most hilariously epic fails on the presidential campaign trail

Reveling in the Florida governor's most embarrassing moments is our new favorite past time.

Watch Ron DeSantis Get Heckled So Badly He Falls Apart During A Campaign Speech, While We Laugh

The presidential hopeful gets so flustered by a woman heckling him that he starts stammering during a recent speech.

Ron DeSantis Can't Stop Lying About 'Muggings' In California, Gets Dunked On By Facts

The "Don't Say Gay" Governor keeps inflating the crime rates in blue states to make himself look better—it's not working.

Ron DeSantis Is Tanking His Own Campaign And It's Glorious To Watch

Not even Donald Trump's criminal indictments can save the 'Don't Say Gay' candidate.