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trump hush money trial

25 HILARIOUS reactions to Republican Lauren Boebert saying something dumb...again

The MAGA devotee doesn't seem to understand how the government works!

Top 5 times Stormy Daniels DESTROYED Trump during her testimony and made us LAUGH

Stormy Daniels took the Trump hush-money trial from boring to hilarious and we can't thank her enough!

​30 HILARIOUS responses to Trump being called 'Von ShitzInPants' in court today

Michael Cohen's nickname for the former president was read aloud in court today and the internet is roasting him!

30 HILARIOUS responses to Trump's hair attempting to make a run for it

The former President's hair started flapping in the wind and now the internet can't stop roasting him!

Man sets himself on fire outside Trump's hush-money trial on day two of jury selection

Civilians and police officers attempted to put out the flames before he was taken to the hospital.