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Darryl Stephens was told to stay in the closet while on 'Noah's Arc'

The slice-of-life show may have been about Black, queer characters, but no one knew the actor was gay.

6 moments from the 'Palm Royale' trailer that prove this one is for the gays!

Ricky Martin, Carol Burnett, and Leslie Bibb guest starring alone is reason enough alone for us to tune in!

Everyone's favorite daddy Pedro Pascal was almost cast in the gay show 'Looking'

We would’ve loved to have seen this version of the HBO series!

'Élite' Hottie Omar Ayuso Says A Tearful Goodbye As The Steamy Teen Show Wraps For The Last Time

"Thank you for seeing me, understanding me and respecting me, for waiting for me when I needed it," Ayuso said.