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10 Times Amy Schumer Totally Nailed the Trials and Tribulations of Being a Woman

10 Times Amy Schumer Totally Nailed the Trials and Tribulations of Being a Woman

10 Times Amy Schumer Totally Nailed the Trials and Tribulations of Being a Woman

Girl, you don't need makeup. Well, maybe a little...


Over the last few years, comedian Amy Schumer has shot to stardom as a result of her on point social commentary sketches that find humor in painful, awkward, and generally uncomfortable situations. Though her sketches include an endless variety of topics where nothing is off-limits, week after week on her show Inside Amy Schumer she finds new, exciting, and horrifying ways to explore life as a modern day woman. Amy's covered all the bases from Hollywood's unrealistic expectations for actresses, to the unrealistic expectations men have for women in general, to the competitive nature ladies often have amongst themselves. Just this Tuesday, Amy's latest episode featured a shockingly well-reenacted parody of 12 Angry Men where the guys debate if Amy is attractive enough to remain on television. Featuring several A-listers and Oscar nominees, this glorious episode might be Amy's masterpiece, but only for now. Season 3 of Inside Amy Schumer is only three episodes in and the vicious skewering of society has gotten better and better with time. Here are our top ten favorite times Amy nailed womanhood and we can't wait for more, even if it hurts just how real it all feels. 


10. 12 Angry Men Inside Amy Schumer: This is straight up just 20 minutes of actors including Jeff Goldblum, Paul Giamatti, and the exceptionally splendid John Hawkes debating if Amy is hot enough to stay on TV. Aside from being what might be the most accurate 12 Angry Men parody in history, it's also so realistic in its point of view that it's occasionally more horrifying than hysterical. It's still funny, of course. We're still laughing through our tears. Watch the trailer below and find a way to watch the entire episode ASAP.

9. Nutritionist: Janeane Garofalo breaks down for Amy the necessities of dieting when considering a career in Hollywood, and the results are completely insane and increasingly entertaining. Learn absolutely nothing from this mess of disasterous ideas, but laugh heartily.



8. I'm So Bad: Okay, if you haven't had a casual, sort of secret-agenda 'who ate better that day' battle with one (or all) of your friends, fantastic for you. But this sketch takes that familiar convo to the next level, and then the next, then the next...We're all just so bad.

7. New Body: Yet again, Amy tackles body image in a way we just get. The diet Snapple, the tiny trampoline, the freaking muffin corner. In a way so unspoken it's practically being shrieked directly at us, we're soaking in just how totally great it is to shop for the body we have now. But also, let's hear it one more time for that muffin corner. 



6. Milk, Milk Lemonade: This one might not be for the faint of bathroom humor, but for those who don't mind (or who are just willing to get over it), "Milk Milk Lemonade" is one of the realest songs to happen this year. Amy and guest stars Method Man and Amber Rose break down what's really going on behind people's obsession with a woman's...assets. It's vulgar and utterly silly, but there's a sick beat and some true life honesty going on. Plus, it's so damn catchy

5. Compliments: This is one of Amy's most popular sketches, as it should be. Here, we see the occasional awkwardness of taking a compliment with casual ease turn into an epic tragedy with bloodshed abounding. What do we learn? Just say thank you. You probably are wearing a great jacket today. We really hope you get a few new Twitter followers too. You totally deserve it.



4. Birth Control: Come for Amy's take on just how ridiculously difficult it is to achieve a subscription for birth control and stay for that chilling twist at the end. Sometimes we just have to wonder how Amy slam-dunks these things so hard and so often. 



Posted by NARAL Pro-Choice America on Monday, May 4, 2015


3. A Very Realistic Military Game: This is one of Amy's darkest sketches and quickly went viral for its shocking, thought-provoking portrayal of sexual assault in the military as portrayed through a video game. This was one of the central moments where it became clear that Amy means business through comedy and that there is really no topic she won't touch. 



2. Last F*ckable Day: While on a jog, Amy runs into Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Tina Fey, and Patricia Arquette who are celebrating Julia's 'last f*ckable day.' The ladies break down exactly what this means in Hollywood, to Amy's horror, before sending Julia off in a blaze of glory. Has anyone broken down female career trajectories in Hollywood better? Nope. This is an absolute must-watch. 

1. Girl, You Don't Need Makeup: This brilliant parody of boy bands/life for a woman in general is so infectious, fun, and disturbingly close-to-home that it has to have the top spot. "Girl, You Don't Need Make Up" sums up what Amy Schumer does best - we don't necessarily feel empowered, but we feel less alone than ever. We'll be putting this one on our iPods. 


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